Monday, May 2, 2011


Okay so first of all, go here.

For those who haven't heard about this, it's a blog started by a person named Neil Pasricha.
He has been putting together a list of things that he finds 'awesome'.
He's counting down from 1000, and he's at 255 right now.

That is soo cool.!
A list of the most awesomest things ever.!!
Like, the smell of rain, bubble wrap, naps, getting cell phone service, everything put together..!

It's not as if he's had just 'awesome' days since he started. His marriage broke up, his closest friend died. But through everything, Neil has been writing. He tries to find the awesomeness in even the simplest of things.

Maybe that's what we all should strive for. Awesomeness.

Look for the little things that bring a smile to your face. Remember the good times. Cherish your loved ones. Walk in the rain. Have a steaming cup of coffee. Dance to your favourite song.

I guarantee, it'll be awesome!! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Writer's block?

I want to write. Yeah, I really do. I can feel it inside. But I can't. My head's a mess, a jumble of thoughts, emotions, pent up feelings. And yet, my fingers sit still upon the keyboard. Heck, I can't even vent. =(

Will be back (hopefully soon).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friends Forever?? And ever and ever....???

Friendship. It means different things to different people. Some value it more than life itself. Some take it for granted. Some don't think it's a big deal after all.
The thing is, friendship comes and goes. You make new friends, forget old ones, get back in touch with some, wish you hadn't got back in touch with others :P
Being friends with someone and retaining the friendship, does require some effort. But when effort is all that you're doing, there's no friendship left.
Take for instance, my friend Harveen. We have been friends since school. We have gone without talking for even months at a time. But we're still the closest of friends. I know everything about her, and she knows everything about me. And even though she might not call me, I don't mind calling to talk. There's no pressure on either one of us, to talk atleast once every day, or to meet up frequently, or to go shopping and all.. We let each other be, respect each other's comfort zone, and just try to be there for each other.

Friendship also fades away with time. You can't expect to call up someone 3 years later and still expect her/him to talk to you at 11 in the night. You can't be friends again just for the sake of old times!
Thanks to the advent of social networking sites, you get friend requests from batchmates whom you don't even remember(or don't want to remember), a neighbour whom you've always known just by his nickname, Billu, Pappu and the likes, and others whom you've spent a large amount of time ignoring.
Trying to strike up a conversation with someone from your past is one thing, but trying to re kindle a friendship doesn't usually work, not even with bestest of friends. However, if both of the ex-friends make an effort, it can be done. But if all you get is a cold response, I think you should get the hint and move on. If the friendship would've been worth saving, you wouldn't have lost contact in the first place!

All I'm saying is, friendship doesn't last forever. Even the closest of friends lose touch, even the strongest of bonds go awry. Hanging onto someone just for the sake of old times doesn't actually bring back the old times.

Cherish your friends while you have them. And later in life, if some how you do lose out on the friendship, memories are good enough!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm in the 'unskilled' category

Okay so staying at home for 2 months, doing absolutely nothing does take a toll on you.
So I've been trying out my hand at everything, trying to find my 'hidden' talent, as my career has temporarily flatlined.

I was trying to sketch a skirt design I had in mind, as I've got a (temporary) thing for fashion.
Well apparently, this career option is a definite NO for me. The skirt I was sketching for a size zero model, turned into something for 'Mom N Me' :(
A hand I was sketching to display my jewellery ideas turned into a polar bear's paw :((

Well, the pencil I was using was a bit blunt.. But anyway!

Okay then. The next thing I thought about was gardening. The serene environment.. The calm.. And the.. EEWWW!! Earthworm!!!

So gardening got the boot too..
Who wants creepy things crawling around anyway? *shudder*

The next thing I tried out was photography..
All I had as models were the roses in my house. So that's what I clicked (keeping a safe distance from the earthworms).
And when I proudly showed off my vast collection of the roses to a friend, in every photography mode possible, with and without flash, zoomed up, blurred(purposely) and strikingly clear and I must say, beautiful pictures, his only (dry) response was- "They all look the same".
Oh well.

Now would be the time to indulge in self pity and feel sorry for my lack of any particular skills.
But no!
Maybe I'm made for something bigger you know? Like, maybe I could be Miss Universe someday. Ok, that's a bit too much.
Maybe The President. Umm, do I know what the current Cabinet is? Okay, pass.

Maybe a...
Nah! That shit won't pay me.

Yeah, I'm gonna go 'think' over this.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the air!!

It's the season of love, people!!
With 14th February just a couple of days away, the malls are lit up, the gift shops are crowded, and the couples are being all mushy. Too bad that 14th is a Sunday. Doesn't stop people from making plans for the day though, with well thought excuses doing the rounds.. "Preparations for the college fest, mum!!" or "Come on, we're just a group of friends going out together" and the likes.

But what puts a spoiler to all these festivities are certain political parties out to 'cleanse' the youth of today and to 'do away' with the so-called western culture.
I really don't get it who do these people think they are? Self appointed bastions of our 'culture'?

What is left of our culture anyway? When these very same party members shout out expletives in political meetings, throw around furniture at each other, is that our culture?
When barely clad women dance around in the guise of a 'Janmashtami Celebration', is that our culture?
When people spit, urinate and defaecate in public, is that our culture?
When a constable asks for 'chai-paani' to actually look into your complaint, is that our culture?

There are much bigger things to be corrected in our country, before even stooping down to creating a ruckus just because people want to celebrate love.
Love is the only thing that can create bonds between people of different genders, castes and even different religions and nationalities.

What about corruption? Over-population? What about the many who are homeless? What about unemployment?
Do these things really take a backseat in front of Valentine's Day?

Before labelling something as 'western' and condemning it, these people should ask themselves, what are they doing to preserve the culture of our country?
Going backwards in time doesn't count as preservation.

I don't think I am doing any harm to my culture if I am in love with someone. I still celebrate Holi, Diwali, help out at home and take care of my grandmother when she feels unwell. I think that is what real 'culture' is all about.
Valentine's Day isn't just a day for lovers. It's a day to celebrate 'love'. Whether for your family, friends, loved ones, even your pets!!

As John Lennon very rightly said, "All you need is Love".

Happy Valentine's Day!!